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Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

offer engineering services & solutions based upon the most
advanced IT technologies.
The following pages provide overview of our services:

Process Simulation

Closely working with a project team, we perform
Process Simulation using AutoMod as one of
AES key engineering services, based upon the
best knowledge and more than twenty-years

BIW Solutions

BIW line engineering sevice by the process
design with 3D-CAD system and the application
study with robot simulator.

Reverse Engineering

The engineering service to make a as build
drawing and digital 3D-model by 3D-Measuring
with 3D scanner and point cloud data
processing with our own technology.

CAE Solutions

Line design with structural analysis, Frame
welding process improvement by non-linear
thermal stress analysis, GD&T with our unique
digital 3D technology.

3D Virtual Layout

Digital Factory, based upon 3-D Layout (3-D
modeling of whole layout of a shop), is our
service aiming to proceed with designing and
verifying the most efficient layout using

Logistics Simulation

With process simulator AutoMod, we validate
and optimize logistics planning for Plant/Shop
Internal, Distribution Center,Warehouses,
AS/RS, AGV system, etc.

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