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Based upon much experience of automotive manufacturing engineering, we support our customers as their demand, from document preparation to turn-key contract.

We provide services as follows.


AES provides total engineering services of stamping parts from SE (Simultaneous Engineering) phase to quality buildup phase.
And also, we supply stamping dies as a turn key contractor including process planning, design, fabrication and tuning.


From automatic high speed line to manual line, AES has much experience of body welding line supply. We provide the best engineering services from a stand point to realize "high quality vehicle".


VOC emission control, saving energy and resouces,...
These are critical issues we are facing. We provide advanced and integrated paint engineering services considering such major trends and solutions in paint engineering.


AES helps the client to realize the total integrated manufacturing system throughout the production preparation based on the world wide experience and know-how.


We have much experienced engineers as key players of Powertrain Project. We provide various advanced engineering services, and advices/support for project management based on a fully understanding of characteristic features of Powertrain Project.

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