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Logistics Simulation


There are always many concerns on design development for logistics, such as:

- Storage capacity is enough / too much?
- Number of Receiving dock is adequate?
- Is there any bottleneck?
- Routing is adequate?
- Number of operator / equipment are adequate? ...

Logistics Simulation by AutoMod can validate the planning and solve the problems with some material handling
templates, 3D animations, and statistic tools.

3D Graphics / Animation

3D Graphics / Animation

AutoMod provides 3-D animation which is powerful function
to encourage the customers / project team member to
communicate and to understand / verify the system visually.

Analysis / Solution

Analysis / Solution

By means of static analysis and case studies, we can
provide our customers with the optimum solutions /
recommendations for each of problem and concerned area.

For example, if you find out that material handling
equipments or storage can be reduced, it enables you to
cut down costs significantly.



Logistics Simulation by AutoMod enables you to:
- eliminate waste
- find out problems and eliminate bottleneck
- eliminate additional work on construction
- prevent line stop due to parts shortage, ...etc.
-> cut down the cost, avoid risk, increase the profit


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Airport, Port, Coal terminal, hospital, Nursing House, etc.

About AutoMod

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About AutoMod

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