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AES Engineering Team is organized with much experienced engineers as key players of Powertrain Project.
We provide various advanced engineering services, and advices/support for project management based on a fully
understanding of characteristic features(*) of Powertrain Project.

* AES leads projects with not only coordination for equipment/building, but also a good understanding of
background of machinery designing such as SE between Manufacturing Engineering and Design Development,
Sharing of Quality Condition between up-stream and down-stream processes, FMEA, Information Sharing of
Preventive Maintenance.

Wide-range, advanced engineering services

Wide-range, advanced engineering services
  • Process Designing for Powertrain Unit(engine, transmission)
    Machining/Assembly Line
  • Layout Study/Designing for Machining/Assembly Lines
  • Specification Development of Line Equipment
  • Evaluation/Selection of Equipment Suppliers
  • Work Allocation Planning, Layout of Worker Allocation Consulting
    for Estimation of Utility(Electricity, Air) Consumption
  • Consulting for requirement of Building and Floor Pit (central
    coolant, overhead carrier devise)
  • Preventive Maintenance Planning and Spare Parts Inventory
  • Tooling Layout Study and Tool Specification Designing
  • Tool Maintenance Standards Development (standard for time to
  • Inspection Procedure Establishment (inspection parts, inspection
    timing and standard of measurement)
  • Inspection Tool Planning and Specification Development
  • Maintenance Standards Development of Inspection Tool

Project Management

Project Management
  • Planning of Master Schedule for start of production Vender Control,
    Procurement Management
  • Planning of transportation and installation
  • Arrangement for Vender’s SV(Coordination with actual installation
  • Evaluation/Selection of transportation agents an installation
  • Coordination/Management of Local Arrangements
  • Planning/Management of Trial Parts
  • Documents Control(Products Drawing, Approved Drawing)

Project management/ Engineering Flow

Project management/ Engineering Flow

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