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Process Simulation

Working closely with our project team, we perform Process Simulation using AutoMod as one of AES key
engineering services, based upon the best knowledge and more than twenty-years experience.



There must be many concerns on design development or
production planning stage such as:

- Does the system achieve throughput as planned?
- Buffer size is enough?
- Is there any bottleneck?
- Storage capacity is enough?
- Routing is adequate?
- Number of operator / equipment are adequate? ...

Process Simulation can clarify these concerns and
identify the problem areas.
The results and findings will be effectively given as feedback to process planning and equipment specification.

3-D Graphics / Animation

3-D Graphics / Animation Click to play a sample movie.

AutoMod provides 3-D animation which is powerful function
to encourage the customers to communicate and to
understand / verify the system visually:
layout, flow, cotrol logic, movement of equipment, etc.



By means of static analysis and case studies, we can
provide our customers with the optimum solutions /
recommendations for each of problem and concerned area.


Our Process Simulation with AutoMod helps you to:
eliminate waste, optimize the system -> reduce the cost,
increase the confidence in the process design


≫ Automotive Plant process flow

Press, Body, Paint, Assembly, Powertrain, etc.

≫ Logistics

Plant/Shop Internal, Distribution Center, Warehouses, AGV, AS/RS, etc.

≫ Misc

Airport, Port, Tollgate, hospital, Production Line, etc.

About AutoMod

※AutoMod is a product of Applied Materials, Inc.

About AutoMod

Applied Materials Website (worldwide)
Applied Materials AutoMod Page

※AES is a distributor of AutoMod in Japan.

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