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Transplant Support

We support any transplant project: from transfer of small line / equipment to Green Field plant.

Project Management

Project Management

Based on much experience of overseas project and knowledge of local
state of affairs, we support your transplant project of overseas expansion.





Shipping / Installation

Shipping / Installation

Our consecutive services for transplant project from Japan / third countries

- Disassembly of equipment / line
- Shipping
- Re-assembly at local site

Procurement from local suppliers

Procurement from local suppliers

In terms of pricing and advantages to after service, we arrange fabrication /
supply of equipments by local suppliers.




CASE-1:Japanese car parts maker

Outline of Project Building additional new line at India plant for capacity up
Fabrication and try of equipments : in Japan,
Installation : at subsidiary in India.
They had no experience of construction in India, and the country was unfamiliar for
So they decided to ask AES.
Scope of work for AES Phase-4 : Disassembly -> Shippping -> Installation at local site
Contents of work for AES - Preparing instructions for disassembly
- Equipment marking
- Floor marking layout
- Disassembly, Packing, Shipping, Installation
- Utility work

CASE-2:Japanese parts maker for construction equipment

Outline of Project Greenfield plant for Japanese construction equipment parts maker and material
Engineering support for work in Japan, Design / purchase for equipments ordered
to local supplier,
management of local supplier, installation.
Scope of work for AES Phase-2,3,4 : Preparing specification for equipments, procurement, installation
Contents of work for AES - Preparing specification for equipments
- Negotiation with local suppliers
- Choosing suppliers, progress management
- Installation
- in-between building and utilities

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